Terra Preta at our farm

The innovative tendency of TEKO does not stop at all - we are using activated charcoal from lignine (wood) containing agro-wastes for improving our soil condition. The source was found in Southamerica, known as Terra Preta and practised by natives in the rainforests. The surface of 1 gram of activated charcoal is arround 400 m² and allows an ion-exchange / fixation mechanism, providing the soil with nutrients at the time needed. This is a method to avoid washing off nutrients during rainy periods - you can find a great article about in English language under http://www.ithaka-journal.net/kon-tiki-die-demokratisierung-der-pflanzenkohleproduktion?lang=en - for more information we will feel pleased to answer your questions - please contact us via skype, email or our information page - your PhytoEnergeticTeam

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