Stork´s Nest team is focusing on preserved breeds with historical meaning such as the pig “Mangulica” and the chicken “Sulmtaler”.


Mangulica, a well-known breed is originally from Transilvania (Romania) and Hungaria and got its meaning during the Austro-Hungaro Monarchy period. Its meat shows extremely limited negative colersterol, allowing people with diabetes to consume it.

The Sulmtaler chicken is originally from Styria (Austria) and spread during the Austro-Hungaro Monarchy where Vojvodina was part of it. After the first worldwar it was forgotten for almost 90 years and started in the last decade a reneconse. It is famous for the big and yellowish/redish egg yolk and for the meat. There was a reason, that this chicken breed was also called the Emperor´s Chicken or Kaiserhuhn. In Austria there are some associations, where this chicken is exclusively breeded ( ).


Beside those mentioned animals does Stork´s Nest farm have a duck breed and duck-egg production and last but not least a Donkey, which is obligatory within our philosophy.


All animals are raised in species adequate shelters and on pasture land, enjoying the variety of food during the entire season. The shelter´s were developed by Teko Inzenjering staff after long studies of species behave and the various requirements.


 We are focusing on phyto-treatment (treatment with own-produced naturally plant agents) to prevent sickness, improve the welfare of the animals with the result of top output quality and avoids the need of any pharma or food-supplement products.


Last but not least we have to introduce our pond concept for fishbreeding which we will start in the season 2015- You want to know more about our fish breeding concept, please join the page: 


On the intro-picture you can see one of the youngest chicken breeder, Ms. Orhidea, finding herself responsible for the welfare of poultry (chicken and ducks) and rabbits.


We follow the slogan:
!Our clients diserve the highest product quality!

Chickenhygienic course document for downloading

Chicken breeding course documents OS 1 for downlaoding

Chicken breeding course documents ES 2 for downlaoding


  • Only preserved breeds are taken into consideration again focusing on diabetes, blood sugar and cholesterol
  • All animals are species-appropriate held and treated (Living conditions according to natural requirements of animals – free movement on the designated areas)
  • Pastrure raised animalys allows food variety according season and natural conditions
  • Stork´s Nest focuses on preserved breed of animals such as Mangulica and Sulmtaler chicken
  • The meat from Mangulica pigs has 70% less negative cholesterol compared to other breeds
  • Sultaler-Emperors´chicken from the Austro-Hungaro Monarchy period is famous breed from Styria (Austria) and for the egg quality as well for the meat (often ordered from the Emperor Napoleon)
  • Beside this are breeds undertaken of rabbits and ducks (see fishpond) as well duck egg production
  • Phyto-medical treatment prevents the need and use of chemical food supplements, hormones and antibiotics
  • “Healthy animal provides healthy food”
  • There is something which cannot be missed on a real Farm – the donkey – his name: “Donkey”
  • Permanent postgraduate educational training in various topics of animal breeding allows steadily increased output quality