There are some testimonials from some of our clients:

My mother, who is eighty years old, has started taking propolis two years ago. She plays tennis daily and becomes more energetic to do exercise. Her brother, who suffers hepatitis B for many years, has recovered after taking propolis. I began taking propolis, even cure my headache and flu symptoms for many years.”

Jian Yu Li (a Mandarine teacher) Taipei, Taiwan

My son has always been weak and often sick, emaciated physique without any resistance. There is no escape for flu. He has colds almost once a month and has difficulty to sleep for many years. Since taking propolis, his headache is gone. It was really surprising to me.

Wang Li Syue (a housewife) New Taipei, Taiwan

I have reached the age of 55 years. Prior to not taking propolis, I often felt tired and back pain after reading for an hour, needed lying in bed for a short break in order to continue. I even couldn’t do more than 30 push-ups. My liver functional declined. However, after taking propolis, when I study in the United States during the past few years, I have been reading for hours every day. I never feel tired and aching backs. I never stop daily exercise has not stopped. I was surprised that I could do 60 push-ups every day. Last year I had a physical examination, the doctor laughed and said my liver is functioning very well and can then be used till 120 years old. He asked me how to keep healthy. I answered, “All thanks to the power of propolis!”

Wang Gang (Monk) Taichung, Taiwan

I am a university professor. Due to my job, I need to speak a lot in public. My throat is often fatigue, swelling and inflammation. I always take few drops of propolis directly. It is , anti-inflammatory and makes me feel relieved immediately. It can also prevent colds. I often teach my audiences to take few drops of propolis when they have cough, sore throat and colds. They all feel amazed by its magical efficacy.

Gao Jie (University Professor) Taipei, Taiwan

My father has diabetes for 4 years and his blood sugar is unstable. Also he was very weak and felt tired. Due to friend’s advice, he has started to take propolis one year ago. Now his blood sugar is under control and he is able to take a walk for 30 minutes daily. My families start to take propolis because we see the magic effect on my father. I hope my experience can help more people benefit from propolis.

Wang Li Chun (Nurse) Kaohsiung, Taiwan
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“If the bee disappeared off the surface of the globe then man would only have four years of life left. No more bees, no more pollination, no more plants, no more animals, no more man”

(Albert Einstein)


  • The bee is already population 4 Million years this planet while human being is just 400.000 years existent.
  • Beekeeping is a crucial factor to increase the pollination rate of plants on our farm.
  • We do not increase our quantitiy due to the use of pesticides, insecticides, fungicides and mineral fertiliser, but having bees close to the areas, doing and incredible job.
  • We are using breeds such as the Styrian Carnica, Italian Lingustica or he known breed Macedonia;
  • Carefully produced propolis became proven food supplement to help recovery and strengthen the immune system.
  • Our method of bee-keeping refers of Austrian Standard
  • Propolis and related products such as past and oil are partly own developed recipies
  • One of the youngest bee-keepers in Austria is the just 7 years old Orhidea – continuing like this will make her one of the best beekeepers ever – and this girl is member of the beekeeper team at Stork´s Nest.
  • You want to know more – please contact either Orhidea or Ewald Spitaler ( or - we would be delighted answering your questions