We produce herbs focusing on prevention and healing that help to support recovery and alleviate diabetes and other related disease, as well cancer and aid post-recovery periods following chemo-therapies. Of course, we do not have the arrogance to believe we can replace the expertise and know-how of medical doctors, but we can help people to increase their personal well-being and help reduce the impacts of disease by using the power of plants (nature) produced under bio-organic conditions.


Protection of soil – a three-field method and combination of plants are replacing the use of pesticides, herbicides and fungicides.


The List of Herbs and Plants


Please visite our recipe page for further information.


Black Seed Lab Results 2018


Second analysis of SGS (heavy metals)


  • Only organic fertilizer;
  • Increased bio-organic production standard
  • Plants
  • No genetic modified materials
  • Seeds only from organic certified companies
  • Plants, seedlings, stickling as local as possible
  • Only production and refinery of seeds from first generation
  • Natural selection method
  • No hybrids
  • Soil protecting measures (humus, erosion, etc.) and innovative soil quality increasing measures
  • Manually work replaces the use of chemicals