Stork´s Nest Farm intents to deliver living fish for restaurants and increasing of fish population for fishing purposes. Our fishpond has a dimension of 110 x 10 meter and is covered into four sectors, while sector 1 and 2 are for the breed of fishlings and sector 3 for grown fishes. Sector 4 is planned to be developed for biological water purification. The operator of the farm, Teko Inzenjering, is specialised in water management and water purification questions and has therefore all know-how available.


Due to the required transportation in aerated tanks is for the first phase only a supply within Serbia planned.


The realisation of the fish-breeding concept is planned for 2015 due to the current flooding situation, which has not improved yet in the production area.


The kind of fish will be a surprise and you can put you guess on our blog – we will inform you as early as possible


  • Sustainable fish production in a 4 sector system
  • Living edible fish supply to restaurants and consumers reduces quality losses during freezing and transnportation
  • Biological water treatment and re-circulation allows best breeding conditions and does not harm current existing biodiversity
  • No use of  chemicals on our area avoids impacts on the water quality
  • New species of edible fish – you want to know which ? – Be surprised!
  • Postponing of the implementation of the concept into season 2015 due to ongoing impacts of flooding event