My personal philosophy was developed over many, many years and naturally came into being from an early age. Even as a young boy at the age of 6, while growing up in a working-class family from a small village, I wanted to become a farmer and only a farmer. My late grandfather, who maintained a small self-sustaining farm, was a great inspiration to me from an early age. He told me that if one day I wanted to become a farmer that I had to study agriculture, earn a living at it and use the money to start my own family-run farm. Later in life I took my grandfather’s advice and enrolled in an agricultural program at a university with a focus on plant production and cultivation and soil science, which provided me with a technical understanding of the science behind ecology and biodiversity. Many years later, given my professional background as an environmental engineer with more than 20 years of professional experience, I decided to incorporate my professional know-how with my passion for organic, farm-sourced local medical plant products and to start a farm.


My desire to build a truly multi-functional, rurally diversified estate, with the potential to raise livestock in an environment of sustainable agriculture, motivated me to search for land. I searched for almost 10 years to find a piece of land to incorporate my philosophy of environmentally friendly production in an area with sufficient biodiversity. Through my professional work in Serbia, I came across- by accident- the small municipality of Zasavica (a naturally protected environment) and identified the potential to purchase a few hectares of land. The land was initially abandoned and it took me one season to set the ground work ready for primary cultivation and another season to arrange the necessary infrastructure in place. Remembering the lifestyle in the small village I grew up, allows me today to combine the old traditional agro-methods with new technological advancements to produce high quality products fighting against diseases with the voice of nature.

Warmest regards, Ewald Spitaler


  • Sustainable development without any chemicals – since more than three seasons we are proving the zero-chemical approach;
  • bio-organic production according international standards and above
  • Traditional agro methods combined with state of the art and scientific know-how;
  • Incorporating our activities in exisitng biodiversity;
  • Protection and breeding of preserved races, preserving of existing biodiversity and using natural selection methods;
  • No genetic modified seeds or plants;
  • Focusing on medical herbs fighting agains disease of civilisation such as diabestes, colesterol and cancer;
  • Energy autarcy and water saving measures;
  • Alternative energy production such as reed briquettes or energy forests;
  • Our logo “the Stork” guarantees for the philosophy behind the product – we stick to it;
  • Spreading of our philosphy and “lessons learnt” and “finding friends”