From 1/16 to start, drinking black grass, just started, wanted to say buy it, just drink it, just start 3 TO 5 days, keep farting....... Whatever he continues to drink, After my right spine, it seems like a little bit of feeling, or whatever he continues to drink, silly drink, because I know, I'm not a healthy body (brain stroke), so need a little more time for the body to react And finally arrived in early March, my right foot ankle, knee, thigh good has reacted, and stepped harder, ankle and calf bone with close joint, healthy step out every step, and the right spine, right hand The Muscle is really feeling...... maybe for a normal person, these reactions are nothing, but for me, it is good. This is the brain stroke and normal differences. I will continue to drink black. Grass Oil, hope the Lord continues to lead, to understand the body from bad to good...... slowly changing... Thank God!

Ms. Chen Huei - Tainan | Taiwan Join Discussion

A senior forestry official is suffering since a period of time from an increasing macular degeneration at both eyes. We proposed a mixture of Teko-oils for internal use and after a short period we are happy to receive his message: "Thanks for your oil! My eye improved significant" many warm thanks and regards"

Mr. Thomas Glößl - Senior forestry official | Austria Join Discussion

My husband has suffered type 2 Diabetes for more than 10 years, and then 3 years ago he had the need of dialysis. The dialysis made him feel nausea and vomiting and very tired. Sometimes his skin was dry and itchy. And the muscle was so cramping that caused him extreme discomfort. We tried many methods to reduce the side effects of dialysis, but they were in vain. Last year, a friend recommended us to take TEKO’s black seed. We took a tea spoon of black seed oil with empty stomach every morning. After 1 month, the side effects of dialysis were reduced greatly. 3 months later, he didn’t have any side effects. It was amazing that black seed oil brought so many benefits. Now my husband feels much more energy when he has dialysis treatment. And he doesn’t suffer any side effects. Also his blood pressure and blood sugar are stable. I know when your family has kidney dialysis treatment; everyone in the family is suffering. I really hope our experience can help the people who are taking kidney dialysis treatment. And thanks for the black seed oil giving us hope.

Wendy Lin (Bank clerk | Taipei, Taiwan Join Discussion

I have been taking TEKO’s black seed oil since last year, and cannot say enough good benefits about it. The first thing I noticed was my skin was healthier, hair, and nails are as well. In spite of being in a high stress situation, I look years younger. The next thing I found is that it reduced my blood pressure. In addition, I have had problems over the years with Candida, and can tell that it is ridding my body of it. I also have had dry throat issues from time to time. That is gone entirely. Finally, the most important, symptoms of type 2 Diabetes have now subsided. So overall, the articles on the Internet about black seed oil being a cure-all are accurate. I highly recommend this product!

Angela Wang (English teacher) | Shanghai, China Join Discussion

My mother, who is eighty years old, has started taking propolis two years ago. She plays tennis daily and becomes more energetic to do exercise. Her brother, who suffers hepatitis B for many years, has recovered after taking propolis. I began taking propolis, even cure my headache and flu symptoms for many years.”

Jian Yu Li (a Mandarine teacher) | Taipei, Taiwan Join Discussion

My son has always been weak and often sick, emaciated physique without any resistance. There is no escape for flu. He has colds almost once a month and has difficulty to sleep for many years. Since taking propolis, his headache is gone. It was really surprising to me.

Wang Li Syue (a housewife) | New Taipei, Taiwan Join Discussion

Nice energy content of your pellets! Because for the majority of the people energy unit kWh it is more understandable the kJ (they have to pay energy bill) , I made the unit conversion. Your pellets have about 4.17 kWh per kg which is very good. I am using pellets for heating and for hot water preparation (in combination with heating solar panels) with a calorific value of 5.2 kWh made of sawdust of hard wood. A good job you have done! Keep it this way! Kind regards.

Mr. Badita Petroaica (Environmental Engineer) | Romania Join Discussion

For a long time my blood pressure and cholesterol are easily increased. And even worse I have a family history of stroke, so I've been taking one tablet of prescribed medicine to decrease blood pressure every day. Later my son took his friend's advice and bought TEKO’s black seed oil and propolis for me. I took a teaspoon of black seed oil and 15 drops of propolis in the morning with an empty stomach, and another 15 drops of propolis before going to bed. After three months, my blood pressure and cholesterol were stable within an acceptable range, I began to reduce to half a tablet of prescribed medicine, and then after three months, my blood pressure and cholesterol still were very stable. After discussing with my doctor, I've stopped taking medicine. Only by taking black seed oil and propolis, I do not need to rely on blood pressure medicine anymore, and there is no high cholesterol either. I hope my wonderful experience will help others.

Ms. Gau -Yuhua Accountant | Taipei, Taiwan Join Discussion

This year I was diagnosed by the doctor that I must start taking blood pressure medicine. I know once I started taking it, I cannot get rid of it. So I rejected the doctor's advice and began taking black seed oil in order to to lower blood pressure and blood sugar. Thankfully, now my blood pressure and blood sugar are under control. Thanks!

Mr. Chen-Chang Engineer | Shenzhen China Join Discussion

Last year I was diagnosed with lymphoma, and began to start chemotherapy. But with having chemotherapy over and over again, my body was getting weaker and weaker. I was tired and sleepy. Earlier this year, a friend recommended me to try the black seed oil from Europe. I have never heard of black seed oil. But I thought I lose nothing to try it. After two months, I feel more energetic and not sleepy anymore. Even my colleagues have asked what happened to me. I told them that thanks to black seed oil. Now they started taking black seed oil as well. I believe that black seed oil enhances my immune system, and helps me to fight against cancer.

Mr. Ya- Pinwen (Manager) | Kaohsiung, Taiwan Join Discussion

Hello, I am writing you again today (10.02.15) on your website, but this time regarding the Propolis Creme. Two days ago acne appeared on my face and I used immediately crème made from Propolis, which you provided me. The spots dried immediately on the next day (yesterday) and seeing these results I decided immediately to use this astonishing Propolis Creme to treat my entire face with it. Today I have a soft facial skin without any signs of acne hanks to the Propolis crème and to Ewald for producing these irreplaceable products. Thank you.

Ylfete Zeneli | Pristina (Kosovo) Join Discussion

I have been dealing with psoriasis for many years. I have tried many ways to get rid of it but never worked. I had come across a friend who told me about something called Black Seed which was a miracle herb. It comes from Black Cumin Seeds and is a very old cure for many conditions. I started taking one teaspoon of Black seed oil daily. Every one of my psoriasis patches has begun to smooth over, and lighten. Out of everything I have tried, this is simply the most amazing results ever. Never have I seen every patch start disappearing at the same time, usually it’s a patch here or there. I am so glad with my results so far that I am telling everyone who will listen to get Black Seed Oil and use it.

Michael Yang (Travel agent) | Singappore Join Discussion

My mother initially took the black seed oil every day for high blood pressure. She was on 4 tables from the doctor last year. And then reduced to 2 under the doctor’s advice. The most remarkable thing is now she doesn’t need to take any tablets anymore. Her blood pressure and blood sugar are stable. Again, many thanks for your wonderful product.

Liu Xuan (Chinese teacher) | Shanghai, China Join Discussion

Both my dad and mum take a teaspoon of TEKO’s black seed oil with empty stomach every morning and we have noticed that their blood pressure and blood sugar are stable than before. Also their digestive system performs much better while on and it boosts metabolism. Hope this information helps.

Yuwen Li (Nurse) | Hsinchu, Taiwan Join Discussion

I have reached the age of 55 years. Prior to not taking propolis, I often felt tired and back pain after reading for an hour, needed lying in bed for a short break in order to continue. I even couldn’t do more than 30 push-ups. My liver functional declined. However, after taking propolis, when I study in the United States during the past few years, I have been reading for hours every day. I never feel tired and aching backs. I never stop daily exercise has not stopped. I was surprised that I could do 60 push-ups every day. Last year I had a physical examination, the doctor laughed and said my liver is functioning very well and can then be used till 120 years old. He asked me how to keep healthy. I answered, “All thanks to the power of propolis!”

Wang Gang (Monk) | Taichung, Taiwan Join Discussion

I was diagnosed in March with Prostrate Cancer, Gleason 10, with a PSA value of 6.03 (Normal range 0-4.0). I have had image guided radiation therapy over a period of 42 sessions, 1 per day, 5 days per week, plus hormonal treatment. During this period I also took Black Seed Oil. I had minimal side effects from the IGRT and hormone treatment and I credit the oil as contributing to both the treatment and the minimal side effects. My PSA result is now down to an amazing 0.059.

Mr. Graham Goodwin Jones (Institutional Expert) | Philippines Join Discussion

I get a cold easily. Once I have a cold, I will start a non-stop cough; especially cough seriously during the night, and even lead to asthma. Although I have seen a doctor for many years, the problem cannot be cured. This year my husband bought TEKO’s black seed oil and propolis for me. In the beginning, I didn’t expect it would be working and just had a try. But two months later, I had no cold. I am so pleased and amazed. It has been one year since then and I haven’t seen a doctor yet. I am convinced that black seed oil and propolis are really working.

Ms. Wang-Chi (Housewife) | Shanghai China Join Discussion

My daughter has allergic rhinitis. She has been suffering a running nose, sneezing, nasal congestion and other problems constantly. And sometimes she feels dizzy and cannot concentrate on her studies. Later I read the report about the benefits of propolis, and began to let my daughter take TEKO organic propolis. She took 10 drops in the morning and another 10 drops at night. After six months, the allergy symptom of my daughter has relieved a lot. When I heard my daughter told me that she was not suffering a stuffy nose. There is nothing far better than hearing this.

Mr. Chen- Xinfu Contractor | Taichung, Taiwan Join Discussion

Three years ago, I was diagnosed with diabetes. Although taking prescribed medication, my blood sugar was still very unstable. Then I start taking TEKO’s black seed oil, three months later, my blood sugar began to stabilize, and I don’t feel tired anymore. I highly recommend that the people who have the same symptoms as me take black seed oil.

Ms. Lee-Jing (Piano teacher) | Beijing, China Join Discussion

TEKO propolis oil is really amazing. I hurt my thumb and got deep wound. Two days later, the wound healed quickly. This is the best thing I've ever used to stop bleeding!

Mr. Hsu- Wuwen (Retired civil servant) | Taipei, Taiwan Join Discussion

I am Ylfete Zeneli from Prishtina (Kosovo). Through this post I want to thank you for providing me your products. Before two years I’ve been operated from cancer were during the operation I had complications and after the therapies I felt always very tired and weak. By using the black seed Oil my blood circulatory system it is regulated (during operation I’ve lost to much blood) and defecation and had not problems anymore with haemorrhoids and with blood circulation. Now I feel more powerful, walking every day and I am back at my working place, simply I continue my life normally as before the operation. Even I am two years older now after the operation I feel more vital than earlier. I am surprised with the results of black seed Oil and the miracle that made on me. Thank you for thinking to help people with serious diseases by finding solution to you. I am very grateful for your support. I wish you all the best and hope that people in need for miracle-making medicine will contact you as soon as possible. Thanks Ewald.

Ylfete Zeneli (self-employed) | Prishtina, Kosovo Join Discussion

I have had problems with eczema and it has been really bad for weeks. The normal routine has not worked. It has hurt when wear clothes. I took Mr. Ewald ‘s advice and started to take black seed oil and also apply the propolis oil on the skin. When I went to bed last night it was still bothering me; when I woke up it was GONE! Black seed oil and propolis oil has definitely been helpful for my eczema and my allergies. Since beginning taking the oil, sleep much better and skin is healthier and suppler in general. It has many other health benefits, but these are just the ones I've noticed the most. The taste is bad, but I take by spoon and simply follow it with something I like to drink and it is barely noticeable at all for literally a couple of seconds. Thank you for TEKO’s black seed oil and propolis oil.

Bryan Hsu (Finance manager) | Taipei, Taiwan Join Discussion

My father is 74 years old and he has been taking haemodialysis for years. However, the dialysis treatment follows with adverse effects. He felt tired and exhausted all the time. Also the treatment made him low blood pressure and felt nausea and dizziness. And his skin very itchy and painful. He couldn’t stay asleep. He also had bone and joint pain. The dialysis treatment really took away his power. He has started to take TEKO’s black seed oil since two years ago, and all the syndromes are subsided. He said that he never felt so well since he started the dialysis treatment. I have recommended and passed it onto my friends who are taking dialysis treatment and it is working on them as well. I hope my father’s experience helps. Take care.

Yingren Chen (Self-employed) | Hokkaido, Japan Join Discussion

I have taken TEKO’s black seed oil for asthma, I found that the oil works much better than the oil I was buying from Pakistan. I discovered TEKO’s black seed oil last year as I was looking for a natural treatment for asthma because I didn’t want to depend on steroid drug. Also the side effect of using steroid for long term isn’t good. I am thrilled that I found a natural black seed oil for my asthma.

강전.도윤 (General manager) | Seoul, Korea Join Discussion

Thank you for TEKO”s black seed oil. Just to let you know that I use the oil to lower blood pressure and blood sugar. I was diagnosed type 2 Diabetes and refused to take the conventional drugs. Instead I take black seed oil. My blood pressure is now within acceptable range and glucose levels have improved. Thank you for your excellent products.

テリー伊藤 (self-employed) | Osaka, Japan Join Discussion

I am a university professor. Due to my job, I need to speak a lot in public. My throat is often fatigue, swelling and inflammation. I always take few drops of propolis directly. It is , anti-inflammatory and makes me feel relieved immediately. It can also prevent colds. I often teach my audiences to take few drops of propolis when they have cough, sore throat and colds. They all feel amazed by its magical efficacy.

Gao Jie (University Professor) | Taipei, Taiwan Join Discussion

I´ve started to use Propolis since one year (tincture and oil) and have helped me on my immune system. After the operation from Cancer and after the therapy which I had haemorrhoids within internal organs. By using the Propolis I do not have anymore haemorrhoids and my immune system it is stronger. Even why I feel better I continue to use Propolis by thanking Teko Engineering and Ewald for excellent products.

Ylfete Zeneli (self – employed) | Prishtina, Kosovo Join Discussion

My father has diabetes for 4 years and his blood sugar is unstable. Also he was very weak and felt tired. Due to friend’s advice, he has started to take propolis one year ago. Now his blood sugar is under control and he is able to take a walk for 30 minutes daily. My families start to take propolis because we see the magic effect on my father. I hope my experience can help more people benefit from propolis.

Wang Li Chun (Nurse) | Kaohsiung, Taiwan Join Discussion

Natural healing at its best I recommend this to anyone who is looking for a more holistic and natural way of healing and preventing illnesses. My father has type 2 diabetes, so after a lot of research, and see many positive results, I decided to buy black seed oil for my dad. He has been taking this product since this June, and can't say enough good things about it. He takes 1 teaspoon black seed oil with 1 tea spoon local honey when he wakes up in the morning, so it’s easy to get past the bitter taste and also is well worth it! The first thing I notice is that he has more energy and with a great sense of humor. The next thing I found it is assisting to reduce his blood pressure. Finally, and most important, symptoms of type 2 diabetes has now subsided. It really helps us control type 2diabetes. The blood sugar level is rather stable now. No now he is taking the second bottle because we have felt the difference.

Ms. Jane Yu (Chief Financial Officer) | Taipei, Taiwan Join Discussion

My father was suffering from bladder cancer this year. My colleagues suggested that black seed oil can enhance the immune system and reduce the side effects of chemotherapy, so I bought the black seed oil from TEKO for my father. He took one teaspoon black seed oil with empty stomach every morning. After two stages of chemotherapy, he has found no cancer cells this month; the doctor said that he just needs a regular follow-up. BTW, his blood pressure and blood sugar are also stable. My father is convinced that this is the effect of black seed oil. Now the first thing he does in the morning is to take black seed oil. He hopes that more people can realize the benefits of black seed oil.

Ms. Christina Liu Manpower agency | Singapore Join Discussion

When I took propolis at the first time, I really didn’t like the taste of it. But after a while I got used to it. Now I feel I have more energy and I haven’t seen a doctor for having a cold. My son often suffered tonsillitis, after taking propolis, no inflammation of the tonsils. Propolis is really good food supplement.

Ms. Zhang- Xin (Housewife) | Kyoto, Japan Join Discussion