Teko Inzenjering is specialised in environmental protection technology and a partner for energy efficiency. The technical know-how and passion to protect our environment for future generations is an obligatory commitment. Due to the distance to the next grid connection was is a clear matter, that Stork´s Nest farm will receive the necessary electricity by the use of wind and sun. Photovoltaic panels and a smal-scaled windturbine providing electricity for the basic needs. Currently are 0,5 Kilowattpeak (kWp) installed. We are planning to increase our capacity this year for another 1 kWp and by beginning of next year up to 2 kWp, which will allow to run our extended irrigation system and related pumps.


The system is perfect for remote areas or facilities, which are not connected to a grid, known as island-solution. For the storage of energy we are using long-life, non-service requiring batteries.


Teko Inzenjering is not only operating such a plant, but sees also its future in promoting, engineering, designing and installing such facilities.


Further, we have developed a simple self-made sun-collector system allowing to provide the farm with warm water using exclusiveley sun energy.


We are in future replacing gasoline with woodgas, but more about this on our page – “Wood and Pellets”.



  • The autarkic approach to production of energy on the farm using only sun and wind power
  • Waste, Wastewater and air-pollution reducing measures (environmental sound)
  • Environmental sound production
  • Water reduction measures are carried out due to drop-by-drop irrigation system.
  • Income through cost reduction and not through mass production – quality vs. quantity
  • Production waste to used and re-used to 100% instead burning (briquettes production)