Customers’ feedback from taking Black Seed Oil

My husband has suffered type 2 Diabetes for more than 10 years, and then 3 years ago he had the need of dialysis. The dialysis made him feel nausea and vomiting and very tired. Sometimes his skin was dry and itchy. And the muscle was so cramping that caused him extreme discomfort. We tried many methods to reduce the side effects of dialysis, but they were in vain. Last year, a friend recommended us to take TEKO’s black seed. We took a tea spoon of black seed oil with empty stomach every morning. After 1 month, the side effects of dialysis were reduced greatly. 3 months later, he didn’t have any side effects. It was amazing that black seed oil brought so many benefits. Now my husband feels much more energy when he has dialysis treatment. And he doesn’t suffer any side effects. Also his blood pressure and blood sugar are stable. I know when your family has kidney dialysis treatment; everyone in the family is suffering. I really hope our experience can help the people who are taking kidney dialysis treatment. And thanks for the black seed oil giving us hope.

Wendy Lin (Bank clerk) Taipei, Taiwan

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